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Flower Care

Flower Food: If you purchased flowers wrapped in the paper (or cellophane),  use the little packet of food included. If your flowers came in a vase or container, there is already flower food inside of the water. If you do not have food packets, use regular tap water. We have yet to hear of a homemade flower food or household recipe that works better than plain water.


Trim Flowers: If you are changing water in the arrangement every 2-3 days, please use the opportunity to trim the flower stems. Trim up to half an inch from the bottom of each flower stem, and your flowers will last longer. Sharp, clean scissors or garden sheers work great. 

Remove expired flowers: Flowers will wilt at different schedules. Remove any flower that has wilted before the others to extend the life of the remaining flowers.


Water: Fresh cut flowers need a lot of water. Upon delivery, the vase will not be full of water as it is easier to transport. Please add water to the vase. Completely change water every 2-3 days to keep bacteria down and water clear.  

If your arrangement or centerpiece is in a green foam, find a spot where you can stick a spout or bottle neck and water it every day as if you were watering a plant. Green foam needs to stay wet at all times, and you need to add water to arrangements in green foam daily. Please add water carefully not to overfill (and spill).

Avoid Extreme Environments: Florida heat can be brutal and flowers (some more than others) prefer moderation. No direct sunlight, no exposure to heat, no exposure to cold. Do not place fresh cut flowers on window sill or directly under the AC/Heat vent.

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